Teamname:  “Die Silberrücken”, (translated means Silverbacks or Greybacks).


30 sec. of Silverbacks  (bitte anklicken für Video)



Das Wichtigste vorab und in Deutsch:

Wir distanzieren uns alle geschlossen auf das Entschiedenste von jedweder Form undemokratischer politischer Ansichten, besonders von rechtem Gedankengut! Wir wollen unser Hobby ausüben, in Frieden und in Freundschaft zu möglichst vielen Paintballern und so treten wir auch stets auf.

Many of our team members are life-long friends. As so-called “middle agers” our team spirit is based on experience, confidence, respect and fun. Michael, Rick and Sven played together in an American Footballteam called the “Seligenstadt Saints”, founded by them, back in 1990.

Also in daily life we follow our code of honor, a clear moral concept which based on respect and humanity.

Since almost all of us are managers and leaders in our work life and fathers in our family life, we decided that we do not need to have a team leader since we are all equal and do this sport for fun, fitness and recreation.To keep the Team operational, however, two of the founders, Michael and Peter, are considered “Primi inter pares”, since they keep the team operational, organize trips, combine the different strengths of our players to form good teamwork and also do the administrative part since our year of foundation in 2007.

As we are constantly trying to improve our our team-skills, we are also playing to get better as individuals which is why we don’t miss opportunities such as the “one on one” shootout by Tippmann in Veckring to introduce their new TPX in 2009. After 16 pairs of players had finished the duells, the last men standing all were Silberruecken.

“Die Silberrücken” like to help newbies and always welcome new players who like to know us and play with us.

Our seniority, the professional appearance together with our marksmanship in combination with the Emotional intelligence creates our positive image and makes us “Die Silberrücken”.


Since 2012 “DIE SILBERRÜCKEN” are proud to form the German division of  TEAM THUNDER.

“The idea of THUNDER  is that people who are running on their own have someone to run with.” Ellwood – Talkpaintball





Einige Silberruecken mit Brent und Paul von Tippmann (Sept. 2010)